In 2002 the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center released their bilingual website (Norwegian language)/ (English language), which is mainly directed towards health care professionals and researchers. This website aims to inform about the research activities at the Center, on-going projects and their results.


To reach the target population of volunteer coaches, athletes and parents involved in children’s sport in Norway, the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center recently released an innovative, professionally developed website (“injury-free”). So far, this website only exists in Norwegian language. 



SKADEFRI is based on evidence-based preventive measures, communicated through live video, text animations, pictures, posters and training programs.


The website is now implemented in the physical education curriculae for high schools (from autumn 2009), and as a work tool in sports clubs and in the Norwegian coach education system. (Youth) team handball and football tournaments as well as sports seminars are used to promote the SKADEFRI-website and sport specific injury prevention programs for coaches and athletes.


In addition, the center has produced two DVDs "Achilles. Unngå skader. Bli Bedre" and "Skadefri!", which until now have been distributed in more than 5.500 copies.


The OSTRC dedicates one full time position to the Center’s outreach programs.