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Get Set - New, free app for injury prevention training


The app "Get Set - Train smarter" provides injury prevention exercises presented via video and can now be easily accessible on your smartphone (Android, iOS) – for free!


This app, Get Set, was created for the occasion of the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China, through a collaboration between International Olympic Committee, the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center, Norwegian School of Sports Sciences (NIH), our technology partner Making Waves, and several international sports federations.


From Aug 16, about 3,500 young sports talents (15-18 years) from all over the world are gathered and will besides their competitions take part in a variety of educational programs, such as learning about injury prevention via Get Set. Get Set was created to help prevent sports injuries by providing the most effective and evidence-based workout routines for your needs.


You can halve the risk for injuries


- This app is suitable for all those who love sport and physical activity, not just for elite athletes.


Here, you can learn how to train to avoid injuries. Doing the exercises on Get Set regularly, you can halve the risk for an injury, says Dr Kathrin Steffen.


Along with professor Roald Bahr and associate professor Grethe Myklebust, she is the driving force behind Get Set.


– We are very pleased with the cooperation and support we have got from the IOC, NIH, Making Waves and the role models, all young talented athletes from the Norwegian Colleges of Elite Sports, have worked hard throughout the weeks of recording.



All exercises are presented through videos, supported by short descriptions on how to perform the exercise correctly. Exercises are presented with variations as well as 3 levels of difficulty to make them more challenging as you progress.


The Get Set exercises are designed to be carried out with a minimum of equipment, to make them safe and easy to implement wherever you are.



Tailored exercise programs for 30 summer sports

When you open the Get Set for the first time you are greeted by a short description of the app, followed by a motivational video with one of the world's best handball players, Linn Jørum Sulland (NOR).


Then, Get Set has 2 inputs. You can choose to find exercises for a sport or a body part.


Under “Sport”, you can find your sport among the 30 summer sports, and as another option you can find injury prevention exercises targeting specific body parts.


In other words, for each of the 30 sports, the exercise program is tailored to the injury risk profile of the sport.



Likewise, under “Body”, you will find exercises developed to prevent shoulder, back, groin, hamstring, knee, or ankle injuries.



All the exercise programs can be downloaded as PDFs and printed, with small pictures and short descriptions to help you remember. The PDF can be shared electronically with your teammates, coaches, friends and family.


Get Set is available on iOS and Android, in 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese), and is accessible for free.


The first time you view an exercise, the app will download the video to your device. For this we recommend using a wifi connection, to be sure external charges are not applied.


Once you have downloaded the exercise videos to your mobile phone, they are stored on your device, allowing you to benefit from Get Set wherever you are.


- Don´t hesitate to send us suggestions for improvements. IOC has already indicated that there will be additional funding for the expansion of the app for the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics, to be held in Lillehammer, says Kathrin Steffen, who hopes that many will make use of Get Set now.





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The story behind "Get Set"

The end of 2013 was the kick-off for a major collaboration between the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center, the IOC and other international sports organizations, aiming to develop the world's leading digital platform on sports medicine and for injury and disease prevention. The "Nanjing tool Get Set" is considered as a first step towards this vision. Get Set is a mobile application with funding from the IOC, developed by the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center and our technology partner Making Waves. The app will be launched at the IOC-organized Youth Olympic Games in August 2014 in Nanjing, China (Aug 16-28). The Youth Olympic Games this summer will bring together about 3,500 young participants (15-18 years) from all over the world.