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Information about project titled 'Modelling recurrent injuries in training load and injury risk research'

Modelling recurrent injuries in training load and injury risk research

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Project status: Ongoing
Project manager: Lena Kristin Bache-Mathiesen
Supervisor(s): Morten Wang Fagerland, Thor Einar Andersen
Coworker(s): Ben Clarsen, Torstein Dalen-Lorentsen, Jon Michael Gran


Background: With the ultimate goal of preventing sports injuries, researchers attempt to identify risk factors for sports injuries, such as training load. Sport injuries are complex phenomenon proven challenging to investigate. Athletes can suffer sports injuries multiple times during the same sport season. It may be a recurrence of the same injury, and it may also be subsequent injuries unrelated or indirectly related to the previous injury. Such injuries fail to meet an assumption common in statistical analyses used to assess the effect of training load on injury risk: that multiple injury events on the same individual are independent. However, how to handle this challenge is unknown.

Aim: To determine how dependencies between recurrent injury events should be handled when investigating the effect of training load on sports injury risk.

Methods: First, we will try out different modelling methods on a sports cohort dataset collected for the purpose of assessing training load and recurrent injury risk, and compare their model fit. Second, based on observed sports data, we will simulate relationships between training load and injury risk, where the risk of injury is dependent on previous injuries. Modelling methods will be compared in their ability to uncover the effect of training load on the probability of injury in these experimental relationships.